Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out these FAQs regarding installation, ordering and repairs.

How do I repair the Heatwave cable?

If the cable suffered damage, you will need a repair kit. (Heatwave Splice Kit (repair kit)) Order one kit per cut/damage area.

YES!’s orders ship from the primary Heatizon warehouse, and receive daily updates about inventory status.

For using Heatwave across multiple circuits, adding the
M429-PM in addition to the approved thermostat, allows the system to handle up to 30 amps (15 amps per circuit, two circuits).
For systems larger than 30 amps, please contact us.

Using our thermostat alone, the maximum amount of amps allowed is 15. See the installation manual and/or product information pages for the amp draw of each mat or cable. uses Amazon Pay as it’s exclusive payment processor. Simply sign into your Amazon account at check out and complete the order! Sorry, Amazon Prime members do not receive any extra benefits on does offer free ground shipping on all orders.

All of our Free Shipping eligible products are shipped via either UPS or USPS, depending on several factors.  We will notify you once your purchase once it ships and give you all pertinent information.  Unless you opt for faster shipping, we ship by standard ground services. We ship from Salt Lake City, Utah which means that your shipment could take up to 2-6 days to arrive depending on your distance and other factors.

Heatizon Systems is available for support (888) 239-1232 during sales, installation and operation of your Heatwave system. Phone support is available from Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm (MST), Closed Holidays.

NO. Do not cut the cable in the mat or spooled cable.

HOWEVER… Accidents happen.  Give Heatizon a call (888-239-1232) if the cable is accidentally cut.

Make all efforts to avoid cutting the cable.

Once instructed by Customer Support, order the Splice Kit here. Instructions are included or can be downloaded.

There are two basic phases of the installation:

  1. installing the system into the floor:  If you have some basic knowledge about installing tile and using things like thin-set or mortar, then the install is very easy. but even amateurs can accomplish this task.
  2. Wiring the system: This part it is advised that a licensed electrician completes.  If you are wiring one mat/cable, this shouldn’t be a very long/expensive task.  If you are combining several mats/cables together, it might take a bit longer, but still an easy/quick task for a good electrician.

We supply an extensive manual that outlines all the necessary steps to properly install the mat and/or cable both in the floor and electrically. In addition to the manual, Heatizon offers phone support to the Heatwave systems during installation, operation and if any troubleshooting is required.

Technically, they’re the same.  But the primary differences are as follows:

  • Cables: They are great for odd-shaped spaces or where you would like to control the amount of heat in your space by making minor adjustments to the wire spacing.
  • Mats: Perfect for square/rectangle spaces that don’t have many/any obstacles or where a super-fast/easy installation is needed.

Simply measure the length and width of the area you wish to heat, and then enter those into a square footage calculator (Like this one) to get your required square footage. The biggest thing to remember is to REMOVE areas that won’t need heating, like behind/under toilets, cabinets and other areas where you might never stand.

Once you have the size of area calculated, find the closest mat or cable that fits (with a little extra) your space.