Heatwave Damage Alarm


Concerned about potential damage to your Heatwave system during install?  The Heatwave Damage Alarm is connected to the Heatwave system after being laid on the floor and monitors for breaks or damage.  If damage is detected to the Heatwave system, the device will sound a loud alert, prompting investigation into what/wear the damage has occurred and proceed with a repair.

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Requires 1 9V battery (included)

Must be attached to ground and both conductors and powered on to monitor for damage.  If being used for long periods of time, regularly replace battery.


Not sure what to do with your alarm after completion of your Heatwave system?  RECYCLE IT! Send it back to us and we’ll credit $3.00 on your order!*

*Credit can only be applied to orders from OR Returns MUST be accompanied by Tilewarming or Amazon order number. Unit must be in working condition and free from major damage. Send returns to:
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